Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rimmel Green Grass

I wanted something nice and bright so I chose to apply Rimmel I (Heart) Green Grass.

After applying my Revlon Quick Dry base coat I added two thin coats of Green Grass. The formula on this was horrible. It's very thin making it difficult to control and to make matters worse the brush is very large so it makes things even more difficult. Rimmel has the largest brushes of all the nail polish brands. Below is a photo of the brush - see how wide it is!

To seal my manicure I used one layer of Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat. The photo's below are in artificial light.

 Rimmel Green Grass in Artificial Light

 Rimmel Green Grass in Artificial Light

Still enjoying the summer heat I took these photo's in the sunlight.

Rimmel Green Grass in Natural Light

Rimmel Green Grass in Natural Light

Since I did such thin coats Green Grass needed a third coat to be completely opaque. Looking at my nails up close there is still a visible nail line (VNL) which I would prefer not to have.

Green grass is a gorgeous bright green, the colour of healthy looking grass in cartoons at least! It is a beautiful vibrant green, not a neon but it definitely has quite an intensity to it. I really like the yellow green colour although I would prefer the application to be easier. However, since I bought this for about $3 when it was on special I'm not that fussed. I think this would be a great base colour to create a colourful Konad design. For some reason this colour makes me want to go eat a nice green apple!

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