Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ulta3 Metallic Crush Swatches

So I picked up a few of the new Ulta3 Metallic Crush collection and figured I would swatch them :) First of all I wish they had kept the name Molten Metallics, it just sounds so much better than Metallic Crush! But I guess they wanted it to be different from Face of Australia Molten Metallics collection. I didn't pick up Pinot because when I picked up the bottle it looked almost identical to Shiraz and I also didn't buy Burnt Orange because it didn't appear to be a metallic like the others in this collection.

Each of these swatches is without base/top coat. All photos are taken in artificial light.


This is two coats. Application was good. Jade is a gorgeous jade green metallic. As expected you can see the nail brush strokes but they aren't very defined so it doesn't bother me at all. I love this shade!


This is two coats. Application was good. Copper is a vivid orange metallic. This one's a stunner! The moment I put it on it reminded me of China Glaze Riveting.


This is two coats. Application was good. Shiraz is a brilliant red metallic. I love this one too! It looks like my nails are on fire :)

Antique Gold

Two coats. The formula on this one was slightly thick and I think that might be why the brush strokes are a bit more obvious. Overall though the formula wasn't anywhere near horrible just a bit thicker than the others from this collection. Antique Gold is a dark gold metallic. I don't have any colours like this in my collection so I like it!


Two coats. Application was good. Cocoa is a brown/bronze metallic. This one was another stunner. I think I only have one other bronze nail polish so I'm happy to have this one it's so pretty!


Two coats. Application was good. Enchanted is a dark plum purple with a gorgeous green shimmer. I saved the best until last! Enchanted is absolutely gorgeous! When I picked up the bottle there was an obvious green shimmer to the polish that I desperately hoped came through when applied to the nail AND IT DOES!  Love This!


Copper, Antique Gold, Enchanted

I saw people asking about how this collections is for stamping. They all come out very sheer, except for cocoa, so if it's an intense look you're looking for I wouldn't recommend any of these. I tried these with different images and found that ones with small detail didn't work at all so you needed large whole images. If you're using a stamping image without fine detail and after a subtle look these will work. However, I found Cocoa came out really clearly unlike the others.


I love this collection! I was surprised to fine that the application of these was so good! I have almost no metallics in my collection so I was more than happy to pick these colours up, especially considering how cheap they are (AUD$2.25ea). I was especially happy since the formula on these was so great, except for Antique Gold. My personal favourite of these has to be Enchanted! However, I love the intensity of all the colours, they're absolutely stunning.


  1. wow, i haven't seen this collection in my area yet. must take a look this weekend!

  2. Enchanted & Jade look pretty decent! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Enchanted and Jade are beautiful! I love the others too because I have so few of those colours in my stash :)

  3. Replies
    1. Lol they jumped onto my wishlist when I saw the press release on their Facebook page - it was just a matter of finding somewhere that stocked them!

  4. The Jade colour looks real pretty!

    1. Jade is beautiful! It's quite frosty but I still adore it :)

  5. These r awesome and I will b scouring the shops for them! What is ulta's facebook page so I can keep up to date with a polish I can find!

    1. Good luck with your search! Ulta3 facebook page is: :)


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