Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nail Art Fail: "Bleeding" Cuticles

I wanted to completely change up my Zoya Minka manicure from the other day and for the life of my I can't figured out why I decided red would be the best colour to go with it O.o

So using French nail tip guides I painted a semi circle at the bottom of my nails using a single coat of Maybelline Racy Red (of course!). For some unknown reason I chose not to push the guides down firmly on my right hand so my left hand actually turned out better! Lol it was a strange night :) Then I decided to added a clear rhinestone to the base of each nail. Added a top coat of Seche Vite and my nail fail was done :)

These were taken that night in artificial light.

Nail Fail: Bleeding Cuticles in Artificial Light
Nail Fail: Bleeding Cuticles in Artificial Light

Then the following morning these were taken in natural light.

Nail Fail: Bleeding Cuticles in Natural Light
Nail Fail: Bleeding Cuticles in Natural Light
Nail Fail: Bleeding Cuticles in Shade

I kept alternating between "it looks like my cuticles are bleeding" to " no I like it!" and back to the bleeding again :) I wouldn't wear this again but I think I would probably try it with a triangle at the top of my nails in red and then placing a rhinestone somewhere!


  1. Definitely an interesting concept - I say try it again with a different colour and see if you like it then! Would love to see this with the triangle at the top though :)

    1. I agree, I think a different colour would work better. Honestly I have how many polishes and I picked a RED one?? LOL!

  2. Love the combination of these :] Very pretty.

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