Friday, March 23, 2012

Ulta3 Blue Heaven

I chose another Ulta3 nail polish from the Gelato collection. This time I chose Blue Heaven, a gorgeous blue creme, since I plan to use it as a base for another polish.

I applied a coat of OPI Nail Hardener for my base coat then followed it with two coats of Blue Heaven. Blue Heaven applied much the same as Mango Mayhem. The brush was still too thick collecting too much polish and the formula was also thick like Mango Mayhem. Again when I finished the two thick layers it was uneven and dried to that same vinyl/semi-matte finish. My bottle also has these solid white particles that I mostly picked up in my first coat so thankfully they were covered with my second coat but no matter how much I tried mixing the contents I couldn't get rid of them :( I applied Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat and as with mango Mayhem the top coat worked to smooth the polish giving it an even finish *sigh of relief*. I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Drops to hasten the drying time of my top coat.

I took these photos straight away that night in artificial light.

Ulta3 Blue Heaven in Artificial Light
Ulta3 Blue Heaven in Artificial Light
The following morning I took photos in the natural sunlight. I'm surprised that you can't clearly see where I whacked my index finger after taking photos the night before. Yay lol!

Ulta3 Blue Heaven in Natural Light
Ulta3 Blue Heaven in Natural Light
And then this lone photo in the shade :)

Ulta3 Blue Heaven in the Shade

I really love this colour, well blues in general! Blue Heaven is a gorgeous sky blue creme and with a top coat the finish looks fantastic - not bad for a AUD$2 nail polish :) Both the Ulta3 nail polishes I have tried dried very quickly on their own, probably because they dry to that semi-matte/vinyl finish.


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