Thursday, December 15, 2011

China Glaze Velvet Bow and M64

I decided to add a Konad design to my Velvet Bow manicure to make it more festive. So of course when Christmas shopping I managed to scratch off some of my polish whilst looking around Priceline. So I went ahead and stamped my nails with the criss-cross design on Konad plate M64. I can't remember whether I bought this plate from ICNA, a good website for fellow Aussies after Konad items, or KonadNailArt, where I've bought Konad from before .

Konad Plate M64 from ICNA (International Creative Nail Art)

I haven't stamped my nails for some time and must say I am a bit rusty. Most of them weren't too bad except for the thumb of my left hand where I managed to get the design completely on one side. Using the Double Sided Stamper Set I stamped the design on every nail in Konad Special Nail Polish White and then fixed up my manicure where I scrapped off my nail polish. I sealed the design with Konad Top Coat and used the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Speed Dry Drops to make it dry faster. The only annoying thing about stamping my nails is the long time it takes the Konad Top Coat to dry because it is so thick to stop it from dragging the design. Finally to top it all off I managed to scrape the middle finger of my left hand pulling off my nail polish, stamp and topcoat - FRUSTRATING! This was not one of my best days! I did a bit of a hatchet job to "fix" the finger I ruined by removing the section of top coat and polish I scraped and repainting it. So unfortunately my Konad stamp just abruptly ends on that nail.

Anyway here is the end product, flaws and all! I took this photo in artificial light after stamping it.

Velvet Bow with M64 in Artificial Light

I took this photo the day after I did the stamping and lucky it wasn't as overcast as it has been lately so I at least had some decent light to work with.

Velvet Bow with M64 in Natural Light
I like this design a great deal, to me it looks like a bunch of Christmas presents all wrapped up sitting under a Christmas tree!

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