Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chi Chi Glamourama

My newest manicure is Chi Chi's Glamourama, a bright gold foil with very small yellow, orange, green and gold glitter.

The application was very smooth and the brush made handling easy. The brush is small because of the bottle size and it is thicker than the China Glaze brushes, although not as wide as the Rimmel brushes. I applied my usual Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat followed by 2 coats of Glamourama. For added shine I used Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat to seal my manicure. There was practically no clean up on this manicure the polish was that easy to control. Impatient as ever I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Speed Dry Drops.

Since I'm such a night owl I like to see what the polish will look like in both the day and at night. That's why I like to have photo's of my manicures in both artificial light at night and then in natural light during the day. So anyway here are the photo's I took that night in artificial light.

Chi Chi Glamourama in Artificial Light

Chi Chi Glamourama in Artificial Light

Glamourama is actually a light gold than it photographed in the artificial light. Unfortunately unless the picture was blurry the actual colour of the nail polish wouldn't shine through. In the top photo you can just see the small specks of green, orange and yellow glitter flecks.

The following photo's were taken the next morning in the sunlight.

 Chi Chi Glamourama in Natural Light

Chi Chi Glamourama in Natural Light 

I tried to capture the specks of yellow, gold, orange and even green glitter in this polish but they're very small and it was difficult to get the light in just the right angle. You can see flecks of the glitter better in the photo's taken in the sunlight. The top photo in the natural light shows the true colour of Glamourama.

This is the only gold nail polish I own since I'm not a big fan of the colour on my nails and with my skin tone, however I plan to do a Christmas design with the gold as my base colour. So that's all for now until I decide which of the designs I have in mind to do!

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