Monday, December 19, 2011

China Glaze Holly-Day and M3

Today I decided to add a Konad design to my Holly-Day manicure. I knew that I wanted to add something to my design but wasn't sure whether I wanted to add a glitter top coat, draw a design or stamp a design. In the end I decided stamping would be the easiest way.

I chose the scattered star design on Konad plate M3 to stamp over China Glaze's Holly-Day.

Konad Plate M3 from ICNA

I used the smaller side of the Konad Double Sided Stamper to stamp the design on each nail in Konad Special Polish Gold. I wanted the stars to curve around the top area of my nail and chose to stamp the design in the same location on each nail instead of trying to do an inverted design on the opposite hand. After stamping I applied a coat of Konad Top Coat since I didn't want to risk smudging my design.
I waited a few minutes and then took these photo's in natural light.

China Glaze's Holly-Day with Konad M3
 China Glaze's Holly-Day with Konad M3

Although I like this design I think it's a bit subtler than I wanted. The gold stamping was very light, however, when the sun hit the design at a certain angle the gold would really show through. I like the stars but I wish that they stamped brighter like in the second photo.

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