Monday, February 13, 2012

Zoya Mira Crackled!

Deciding to do something different, I figured I would go with some crackle nail polishes which I haven't used in awhile. I haven't tried different colours on the purple before so I wasn't sure which would show up the best. Obviously a white crackle would work but I wanted to try something different so I tried a grey instead.

On top of my Zoya Mira manicure I applied a coat of China Glaze Cracked Concrete onto all my fingers but my ring. Then on my ring fingers I applied China Glaze Lightning Bolt. Since I knew the white would show up I decided to do an accent nail with it just to mix it up with the grey. Once dry I added a thick coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat.

That night I took these photo's in artificial light.

 Zoya Mira Crackled in Artificial Light

Zoya Mira Crackled in Artificial Light

The next day I took more photo's in the sunshine but it was slightly overcast.

 Zoya Mira Crackled in Natural Light

Zoya Mira Crackled in Natural Light

I actually like the combination of the purple and grey, especially with the white accent nail. However, the coat I applied was too thick on some of the cracked Concrete in my opinion. I was trying to work quickly because the air-con was on and the crackle was drying too quickly. Surprisingly even after I applied my top coat they kept crackling which was good because otherwise almost none of Mira would show through on my right hand. The white and purple looks fantastic which I knew it would since they would contrast so well but I still love the grey and purple together!

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