Saturday, February 25, 2012

Essie Playa Del Platinum

I decided to wear a nice neutral colour so I chose Essie Playa Del Platinum from the Essie 2010 Resort Collection. Playa del Platinum is a grey beige - a greige - neutral creme.

I used  Revlon Calcium Gel Nail Hardener as my base coat and then applied two coats of Playa Del Platinum. The formula was a bit thin like most Essie nail polishes I have tried but it was still good to work with. I had actually finished applying two coats and thought "oh great I have to take it off!" because there were bald areas and then thick lumpy bits. However by the time I went to apply my top coat the nail polish had levelled out and it looked perfectly fine! So I would suggest that when you try this polish don't panic after applying it, wait and allow the nail polish to self level first. I used Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri drops.

These photo's were taken that night in artificial light.

 Essie Playa Del Platinum in Artificial Light
 Essie Playa Del Platinum in Artificial Light

There wasn't must sunlight the following day but I took these photo's anyway.

Essie Playa Del Platinum in Natural Light
Essie Playa Del Platinum in Natural Light

I love this gorgeous neutral shade. I was worried when I started applying the polish and it kept balding and lumping but when it self levelled I was crazy happy! This is a beautiful colour that I think of as one of those "work appropriate:" colours. I am definitely glad to have this colour in my stash!


  1. Lovely looking neutral. It looks similar to Essie Da Bush.

    1. Hmm haven't tried Essie Da Bush. Swatches look gorgeous though :)

  2. I love the color... :o) I have a beauty blog, if you're interesting, come visit me, I'll be glad, if you leave me some comment or if you're interesting we can follow one each other. My blog is in italian, but you can translate it. It's not perfect english, but... :o) Xoxo V.V.


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