Friday, February 3, 2012

Nicole by OPI Clearance Haul!

For those of you in Australia, I'm not sure if this is nation wide, but the Terry White Chemists in my area have placed their Nicole by OPI nail polishes on clearance!

This means they're down from AUD$14.95 to AUD$8.95 each for 15ml. My local Terry White Chemist had the Nicole by OPI nail polishes in a box marked for clearance. However, when I asked at a different Terry White Chemist whether they had any Nicole by OPI I was told they had taken them down for re-shelving. Then the very nice lady went out back to see if she could find them for me which she did! She then scanned them and told me they were marked down as clearance items. So of course I picked up a few *cough cough* colours :)

L to R: You're A Star, Make Mine Lime, Sky's The Limit, Fresh Squeezed, Have A Heart, First Crush Blush, Play Fair and Positive Energy

So I'm not sure whether they don't intend to continue selling Nicole by OPI or if they're just getting new stock in. So ladies any one know what's going on???


  1. I saw them in 2 Terry's in the last few days...def not on sale or clearance here in QLD yet... :(

    1. Bugger! Perhaps my Terry's are just getting new stock in since they only seem to have old stock from the Spring 2009 collection.


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