Friday, January 6, 2012

Revlon Iced Mauve and Angled Accent with Flowers

I wanted to play around with a few different techniques to build a nail art design on my Revlon Iced Mauve manicure. To begin with I decided to do an accent angle and I chose to use Maybelline Colorama Dark Plum as I thought it would contrast nicely with Iced Mauve. The design needed something more to it, and to help cover up the shoddy lines I made for my accent nail, so I decided to stamp it. I wanted a design that was long enough to cover the join between the two colours and decided on a flower design from Konad Image Plate M25. So I stamped that image on each nail in Konad Special Polish White. One coat of Seche Vite to make sure I didn't drag my stamped image and it was done!

I took these photo's in artificial light just after I finished so the top coat was still slightly wet.


Then I took these photo's just as the sun was going down so there wasn't as much sunlight as I would have hoped for. Actually there was only one small spot in my backyard that had a single beam of sunlight shining through!

Wow I love this manicure! I can't wait to mix and match the nail polish colours and the Konad design. There are endless possibilities to this design and I would love to see it in blue. So next time you see it will probably be a blue version!


  1. i haven't tried scotch tape manis yet but i'm really wanting to! u seem to get such a precise finish :)

    1. Using scotch tape is an easy way to spice up your mani! The key is to use a good quality one coater polish otherwise the it will run all over the place and you won't get that precise finish :)


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