Friday, January 13, 2012

Modelista On Location - Berlin

I know that I'm showing you yet another black nail polish but I bought this from Target for super cheap and have been dying to try it on. Modelista On Location - Berlin is a black creme with a subtle blue/silver shimmer.

I applied Revlon Quick Dry base coat followed by one coat of On Location - Berlin. The polish was extremely saturated and one coat was more than enough for full coverage. I also found it applied very easily and the brush allowed me to control the nail polish. My favourite Seche Vite Quick Dry top coat and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri drops, since it was late at night, and I was good to go.

The following photo's I took late at night after I has finished my manicure.

Modelista On Location - Berlin in Artificial Light

Modelista On Location - Berlin in Artificial Light

The following day I took these photo's in the sunshine. Unfortunately it was overcast for most of the day so every time I saw a glimmer of sunshine I would go running out like a crazy woman with my camera hoping to get my pictures while there was a gap in the clouds. I found it difficult to try and get the blue/silver shimmer  in this nail polish unless the sun was shining directly onto the nails and then everything looked blurry. So I picked the best photo's I could.

Modelista On Location - Berlin in Natural Light

Modelista On Location - Berlin in Natural Light
Although I like this nail polish I originally bought it because I was expecting the blue/silver shimmer to be more prominent - which it isn't! In normal light it just looks like a black creme with a vinyl looking finish because of the silver particles in the nail polish. However when the light hits the nail polish in just the right way the blue/silver shimmer really comes to life, making it the colour I was hoping it would be. Overall I'm happy with this nail polish since I got it so cheap but if I had paid more for it I really would have wanted it to have the shimmer I was hoping for.

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