Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Comparison: Color Club Revvvolution

I decided to do some comparison swatches of Color Club Revvvolution. I chose to compare Color Club Revvvolution, OPI My Private Jet and Modelista On Location- Berlin.

Left         -     Modelista On Location - Berlin
Middle    -     OPI My Private Jet
Right       -     Color Club Revvvolution

I took this comparison photo was in artificial light.

Then I took this one in natural light but unfortunately the sun was beginning to go down.

I intentionally added this blurry photo so you could compare the holographic effect of each nail polish

As you can see On Location- Berlin is very black with no holographic effect although it does have a small amount of red, silver and green microglitter.

OPI My Private Jet has a dark brown base colour and a medium holographic effect. My Private Jet has silver, brown, red, orange and some green holographic glitter.

Revvvolution is a charcoal black base and also has medium holographic effect. It predominantly contains orange, green and brown holographic glitter.

The holographic effect of My Private Jet and Revvvolution is some what similar but Revvvolution contains large amounts of green and orange whereas My Private Jet seems to have equal amounts of the different holographic glitters. None of these are even close to Color Club Revvvolution and of the three it is my favourite - I'm a sucker for holographic nail polishes.


  1. AHHHH MPJ is like my fav polish ever! fab comparison review :)



    1. MPJ is gorgeous but I suppose it depends on which version you have :) Thanks!


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