Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Essence Vampire's Love Swatches

I was so excited when I saw this collection was coming out and was constantly checking out my local Target trying to find them. I finally found a display but they only had two left :( Later I went for a long drive on a Sunday to some markets and ended up at an open Target (funny how that happens :P). Lo and behold, they had the entire collection in stock and 25% off! So I got the rest of the collection and decided to swatch them :)

Each of the swatches is without base and top coat. All photos are in artificial light.

Gold Old Buffy

Two coats. Application was good but the formula was on the thinner side and this polish is more sheer than the others. This one was hard to capture. Gold Old Buffy has a black base and is packed with gold microglitter and flakie-like particles. When I applied it my first thought was that it was an olive green colour but it only photographed gold :(

True Love

Two coats. Application was good. True Love is a beautiful intense purple shimmer. When I put this on I didn't want to take off. I fell instantly in love with it lol!

Into The Dark

Two coats. Application was good. Into The Dark is a dark blue with grey undertones and a blue/silver shimmer. Although I used two coats you could definitely get away with one it's that opaque. This was another one of my favourites that I didn't want to remove once applied! Stunning!

Hunt Me If You Can

First off, LOOK AT THIS!:

My bottle had one hell of a dodgy brush! I emailed Essence about it getting a replacement brush but I didn't hear back from them all at :( Since the brush was impossible to use I cleaned off my BYS Black Satin brush and used that to do the swatch.

***UPDATE: Essence did eventually get in contact with me and they sent a replacement polish and some extra goodies for the trouble!

Two coats. Application was good (ignoring the brush I was using). Hunt Me If You Can is black with silver microglitter through out it. I like this colour but I think I have something similar already in my stash.

The Dawn Is Broken

Two coats. Application was good. The Dawn Is Broken is a concrete grey with blue undertones and blue and silver particles. I do like this one but I thought it would have more of a shimmer instead it is quite grainy and would definitely need a top coat to smooth it over.


This is one gorgeous collection but to me The Dawn Is Broken doesn't quite fit with the others! I was surprised by just how shiny the nail polishes are in this collection! I mean this is without a top coat and they were blinding me with their shiny goodness! When I first saw the large lid I thought it was going to be a PITA to try and use but it ended up coming in handy because I didn't have to worry about accidentally knocking my nails when trying to rearrange the brush. My favourites are True Love and Into The Dark but there isn't one colour here I wouldn't wear :)


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