Thursday, April 26, 2012

China Glaze Style Wars

Continuing my attempt to pretend it's Autumn I decided to go with an orange and somehow ended up with China Glaze Style Wars from the Kicks Collection. Style Wars is a vibrant orange jelly with a reddish tint to it.

A base coat of Revlon Calcium Gel Nail Hardener to start me off (why do I keep using this??). When I was applying my first coat of Style Wars all I kept thinking of was orange cordial because it was so thin and runny O_o. I followed it up with another two coats to try and get it as opaque as possible. I found the first coat of polish was the hardest to apply because it was so this so I had to paint slowly to control the brush and therefore the polish.

Now I tend to watch a movie while I paint my nails so I have a habit of paint a few nails and then pausing to watch the screen. But with this polish I discovered THIS IS A BAD IDEA!! I did my right hand and then moved onto my left but got distracted by the movie. Then when I got back to doing my left hand I discovered that the polish on my thumb on my right hand had pooled down the side of my nail because I had been holding it at an angle >.< I was one unhappy camper! So I learnt to paint my nails quickly and then lay them flat and keep them there!

After applying my final coat and leaving my hands nice and flat to dry I applied a coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine for my top coat. Luckily since it is a jelly the mess I made when applying my first coat was easy to remove when cleaning up my manicure.

And pictures!

China Glaze Style Wars in Artificial Light
I'm sitting here looking at my nails in the artificial light and they're not this bright!

China Glaze Style Wars in Natural Light
China Glaze Style Wars in Natural Light
This is one elusive colour to capture! It shifts from a bright candy orange to a bright reddish orange depending on the sunlight.

China Glaze Style Wars in the Shade
Glorious jelly goodness!!! Lol! I really love this colour. I actually didn't realise it was a jelly when I bought it so I was quite surprised when I applied my first coat. As with most jellies there is still a VNL which I usually prefer not to have but I couldn't be bothered doing a fourth coat so late at night. Ooohhh I definitely see a jelly sandwich in my future :)


  1. I am so in love with orange polishes, don't care in which season, they always cheer me up!

    1. I never use to have any them fell in love with swatches of them and bought a bunch of different orange shades :)

  2. Orange looks good on your skin tone. Pretty!


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