Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nail Mail from Casandra

I was one of the winners from Casandra's at The Mani-Logues One Year Blogaversary and I thought it was time I posted my lovelies :) i have to start by saying THESE ARE MY FIRST INDIE POLISHES!! Can you imagine just how much I was bouncing off the walls when my package arrived!

I forgot to take a picture of them wrapped which was hilarious because they came safely packed in a diaper and my brother was watching me open my package and became extremely curious as to what the hell I got when the diaper came out :) Hilarity ensued!

Since I was super excited I took a photo immediately before I remembered to shake them :) I got Alter Ego Desert Storm Trigger Puller, Alter Ego Penny Pincher and a sample of FEVERshadow Beach night loose eye powder :)

My pretties just seconds after I unwrapped them :)
I love how these are packaged! The label on the front and back are really professionally done and I love that there are instructions and ingredients listed. Casandra was sweet enough to send my a surprise sample of one of her loose eye powders!

After I had calmed down and mixed them up

Love this note! It's embarrassing just how happy this note made me! And for some reason the cute of the note really made my day, it looks like a flower to me :)

How cute is this note! I love the shape!!!
I'm so crazy happy and unbelievably appreciative to Casandra for her amazing generosity and to Cynthia, the creator of Alter Ego, for providing these polishes in the giveaway :) I almost don't want to use these polishes because I'm still so in awe of them! I finally understand what nail bloggers mean when they talk about their indie polishes arriving and how amazing they are in person XD


  1. I love that they arrived in a diaper, how funny is that! They look really cool, looking forward to swatches ;-)

    1. The diaper was hilarious! I can't wait to try them either!


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