Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Max Factor MaxEffect Swatches

So I picked up all the Max Facotr MaxEffect polishes for AUD$0.48 when they were on special - much cheaper than the retail AUD$5.48!

Each of these swatches are without base and top coat. Two coats were used in each swatch. All photos are taken in artificial light.

Diva Coral

Diva Coral is a bright coral shade with pink undertones. Not quite a true jelly this is more of a crelly and still has a VNL. I love how beautiful and bright this is and I can't wait to wear this as a full mani.

Red Carpet Glam

Red Carpet Glam is a bright red polish with orange undertones. This one has the same formula and level of brightness as Diva Coral. This one also fits into the crelly category and again there's a VNL.

Diva Violet

Diva Violet is a light purple creme. This is a beautiful light colour but it probably could've used another coat and is was rather thin. Although it's just a violet creme this was another of my favourites because it was such a beautiful colour.

Sunny Pink

Sunny Pink is a pink/mauve with an intense gold shimmer. It is extremely sheer so there is still a VNL and best used for layering if it is an intense look you are after. If you want a soft delicate look then this can be applied on it's own. I see many layering in this polishes future.

Sunny Pink over Diva Violet
I layered Sunny Pink over Diva Violet so you can see how this polishes gives an ordinary creme a gorgeous gold shimmer.

Elegant Mauve

Elegant Mauve has a rose brown base with a soft pink shimmer. You have to be very careful with the application of this to avoid obvious brush strokes.


Ivory has a golden base with silver particles through it. This is a very sheer polish but I'm not sure if it would be any good for layering. I really don't like this polish :(

Ivory over Elegant Mauve
I layered Ivory over Elegant Mauve to try and get a feel for how good it is for alyering. Ivory seems to overtake most of the base colour but it might just be because Elegant Mauve was similar in shade. You can just see the silver particles from Ivory shining through.


My picks from this collection are Diva Violet, Sunny Pink, Diva Coral and Red Carpet Glam  . I actually don't mind how small these bottles are especially since they were so cheap. Each of these bottles holds about 5ml which makes them great for testing a colour without worrying how you're going to finish a whole 15ml bottle.


  1. wow these are gorgeous! love the first 2

  2. I also like Diva Violet! But it all looks really nice. :)

    1. Diva Violet is really pretty :) But I think you could probably find a similar colour from other brands.

  3. I really like the Diva Violet.

  4. All colour look great but my favorite is diva violet :0)

    1. Wow a lot of people really like Diva Violet! I like it too :)


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