Monday, May 7, 2012

Nail Mail from Cathy and Essence!

I won the Need More Nails Giveaway and my polishes arrived today! It so good to have to wait less than a week for mail to arrived :) Look at those bubble wrapped beauties!!

My precious!!!!
I only recently started buying Ulta3 and it's quickly becoming one of my favourite cheap brands, easily available here in Australia. Cathy send me Waterlily, Bo Peep, Pacific Fever and Kiwi Kaos!!!

Ulta3 Waterlily, Bo Peep, Pacific Fever, Kiwi Kaos
Thank you so much Cathy! The colours she picked are gorgeous and I'm already debating over which one to wear first and how to wear it :)

 OK so you might remember this epic brush!

Well a representative from Essence replied to my email about my damaged brush and offer to send out a replacement. They sent me a whole new bottle of Hunt Me If You Can, instead of the brush  I was expecting, as well as some extra unexpected goodies!!

My Hunt Me If You Can replacement and extra goodies!!
 Along with my new bottle (and brush!!) they sent me a perfume and a shimmer powder from the Vampire's Love collection. I was extremely happy these, especially the shimmer powder since I've been looking to buy one and now I don't have to :)

I love nail mail :) I even love knowing nail mail is on the way!!


  1. Awesome score! Great colours :)

  2. I have a lot of essence polishes but it's the 1st time I see such a brush....normally their brushes is great! it was nice from them to send back a bottle + goodies :D

    1. It was great that they got back to me :) Amazing service!

  3. I never found such a defective brush, anyway they did a very nice thing sending you another bottle!!


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